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Newtown Pursuit Race for the Weatherhead Trophy

Hurst Castle Sailing Club


Newtown Pursuit - 18/07/2015 at 11:00

Warning signal will be made at 10:55 (Letter A)
Preparatory signal will be made at 10:56 (Letter B)
One minute signal at 10:59 (Letter C)
Starts will then be as shown in the table.
A sound signal (whistle) will be made one minute before starts 2, 3 and 5

SW 10-12 kts, broken sunshine.
GP14 arrived in Newtown in 2nd place, but did not cross the finish line!
Finishing position for the RS Vision was adversely influenced by a certain amount of inadvertent swimming!

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place, Time: 11:00
Start: Start 2, Finishes: Place, Time: 11:04
Start: Start 3, Finishes: Place, Time: 11:09
Start: Start 4, Finishes: Place, Time: 11:11
Start: Start 5, Finishes: Place, Time: 11:28
Start: Start 6, Finishes: Place, Time: 11:29
Start No. Start Letter Boat Class SailNo Club HelmName Place
3 F Orinoco WANDERER 992 HCSC Mike Hamilton 1
6 AC Mailys Maldives GBR612M HCSC Ian Day 2
1 D Huldra Westerley Centaur White HCSC Paul Garton 3
5 H Sapphire First 345 GBR8135 HCSC Paul Moxey 4
4 G   RS VISION 582 HCSC Steve Bockett 5
2 E Michelle GP14 3818 HCSC Bill Foster DNF

Scoring codes used

CodeDescription Points
DNFStarted but did not finish 7



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