Newtown Pursuit Race for the Weatherhead Trophy

Hurst Castle Sailing Club

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THe race will take place, over the classic course from Keyhaven to Newtown, on 15th July 2017, with the first start at 13:30
The race is open to cruising yachts and dinghies of at least 14ft overall length.
Rally in Newtown afterwards, with an overnight stay for those who wish.

Newtown Pursuit - 2017/07/15 at 13:30

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place, Time: 13:30
Start: Start 2, Finishes: Place, Time: 13:34
Start: Start 3, Finishes: Place, Time: 13:41
Start: Start 4, Finishes: Place, Time: 13:44
Start: Start 5, Finishes: Place, Time: 14:01
Start Letter Boat Class SailNo Club HelmName Place
1 Huldra Westerly Centaur   HCSC Paul Garton exp
2 Michelle GP14 7535   Bill Foster exp
3 Orinoco Wanderer 992 HCSC Mike Hamilton exp
4 Escada Wayfarer   HCSC Paul Jepson exp
5 Mailys Maldives GBR 612M HCSC Ian Day exp

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CodeDescription Points
expStart expected 0

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